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Before the Portuguese football reform of 1938, an experimental competition on a round-basis was already being held — the Primeira Liga (Premier League) and the winners of that competition were named League Champions. Despite that, a Portuguese Championship in a knock-out cup format was the most popular and defined the Portuguese Champion.


Then, with the reform, a round-basis competition was implemented as the most important of the calendar and began defining the Portuguese champion. From 1938 to 2000 the name Campeonato Nacional da Primeira Divisão (National Championship of the First Division), or just Primeira Divisão (First Division) was used. When the LPFP took control of the two nationwide leagues in 1999 it was renamed Campeonato Nacional da Primeira Liga (Premier League National Championship), or simply Primeira Liga (Premier League). Since the 1995/96 season, each win is worth 3 points instead of the usual 2.

Official League Sponsorship Names


2002 to 2005 - SuperLiga Galp Energia
2005 to 2006 - Liga betandwin.com
2006 to 2008 - BWINLIGA
2008 to 2010 - Liga Sagres
2010 to current - Liga ZON Sagres

The League


From the 2006-07 season on there are 16 clubs in the Portuguese Liga, down from 18 in the previous seasons. During the course of a season each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at their opponent's, for a total of 30 games. At the end of each season, the two lowest placed teams are relegated to the Liga de Honra, and the top two teams from Liga de Honra are promoted to the Primeira Liga.


For more information on how many European competition positions will be granted to the Portuguese Superliga (based on UEFA Coefficient Ranking) please visit the following website:
UEFA Coefficient Rankings



The current regulations can be downloaded here.
(Adobe Acrobat required)

Rules of Competitions
Disciplinary Regulations
Arbitration Rules
General Regulations of the Portuguese Professional Football League
Statutes of the Portuguese Professional Football League

Official Ball


Titled the "Adidas Speedcell", this ball will be used in every league game for the 2011/2012 season.


"Speedcell" means speed, power and team spirit. The design elements, besides the cool side of colors, are the eleven lines which symbolically represent the eleven players and describe the unity of each football team.


The design is inspired by the rotation, fast moving and dynamic football. The Speedcell features "Grip'n'Groove" profile that provides exceptional flight characteristics for a stable and a clean contact between the boot and the ball in all weather conditions.


Consisting of eight panels thermally connected 3-D, which are spherically shaped, the Speedcell the ball is more round, more accurate and more consistent that Adidas has ever produced.

Previous official matchballs:

--2002-2004: Adidas Fevernova
--2004-2005: Adidas Roteiro
--2006-2007: Adidas Teamgeist
--2007-2008: Adidas Europass
--2008-2009: Adidas Europass Portugal [View photo here]
--2009-2010: Adidas Terrapass Liga Sagres [View photo here]
--2010-2011: Adidas Jabulani Liga ZON Sagres [View photo here]
--2011-2012: Adidas Speedcell [View photo here]

Official Trophy


Titled the "Taca de Primeira Divisão", this trophy will be awarded to the winner of the League Championship in the event that Sagres is no longer the official sponsor.


Titled the "Liga Zon Sagres Trophy", this trophy is to be awarded to the winner of the 2011/2012 season, awarded by it's main sponsors, Sagres and Zon Media.


Titled the "Liga Sagres Trophy", this trophy was awarded to the winner from the 2008/2009 season to the 2010/2011 season, awarded by it's main sponsor, Sagres.


Player of the Month Award


The LPFP established a monthly award to the best player in the Liga Zon Sagres. The winner will be determined via a vote by the coaches and fans.


To be eligible, players must have completed 50% of the official minutes of the total number of games played out for the said month. The trophy will be awarded to the recipient on the first available home game of his club in the month following.

Official League Emblem


From the 2008–09 season, the league has been be named Liga Sagres due to sponsorship from Sagres beer. In 2010, they only renewed the sponsorship from Sagres, but also got the sponsorship from ZON Multimédia, the leading pay-tv services provider.


Stats and Records


» List of league leaders - All-time top scorers
» List of winners - Campeonato da Primeira Divisão 1934-present
» In 1972/73, Benfica won the Portuguese Liga without any defeat (28 wins and 2 ties) (96.7% efficiency), in a time where victory was awarded 2 points.
» In 1977–78, Porto won the Portuguese Liga with 51 points in 30 games (85% efficiency), in a time where victory was awarded 2 points. The same amount of points as Benfica, who had ended the championship without any defeat. Porto won based on better goal difference.
» In 2002/03, Porto won the Portuguese Liga with 86 points, the most ever obtained (84.3% efficiency), in a time where victory was awarded 3 points.
» In 2004–05, Benfica won the Portuguese Liga with just 65 points (63.7% efficiency). Historically, this efficiency would not have been enough for second place in any of the previous years.
» In 2010–11, Porto won the Portuguese Liga without defeat, amassing 84 points in 30 games, the most ever obtained (93.3% efficiency), in a league comprising 16 teams where victory was awarded 3 points. This season also saw Porto set the league record for greatest margin of victory in points over the second-placed team (21 points) in a 3 point per win championship.



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